Monday, November 6, 2017

Key Volunteer/ Supervisory Role

Q:  Can our school nominate a high school student as our Key Volunteer?  We have a student that did a good job coaching one of our events last year.

A:  No.  Our Supervisor Guidelines indicate that supervisors are primarily adults.  High School students with WESO experience may be considered, however, this WESO experience must be in the service of WESO, not an individual school, and under the direction of a board member.  As you know, there is a lot of responsibility and autonomy expected from those in an event supervisor position. Some high school students are capable of this level of maturity, others are not yet.  The Board needs to see, first hand, how a student will perform in the tense WESO environment while doing a significant task before that student can be considered for a Key Volunteer/Supervisor role.

While we greatly appreciate the high school students who run our Open Events stations, this volunteer activity is also not considered a significant task.