Monday, March 12, 2018


In a post from Thursday, February 15, 2018 containing clarification questions from the initial coaches meeting topic #7 stated or requested sample questions be provided for grades 3-5.  The response was that sample questions for those grades would be posted soon.  Wondering if any follow up on that has been completed and if example questions for those grades will be provided and if so when can we expect them?

Sample questions
Second grade
There was a fence all around John’s house. The fence is shaped like a square. The length of the fence is the same as the total length of all four sides of this classroom. What is the length of the fence in feet?

Third grade
The teacher then gave Molly and Jack a candy each. The candy was the same kind as the candy in the jar kept on this table. Can you estimate how many candies there are in this jar?

Fourth grade
Michael put a stone right in the middle of the turtle box. The stone weighs twice the weight of the can on this table. What is the weight of the stone in grams?

Fifth grade
Tom’s and Mary’s mother bought them three fish. The total length of all 3 fish lined up end to end would be the same length as this cotton cord on this table. The longest fish among the three fish is twice the length as the next longest fish (middle) which in turn is twice longer than the smallest fish. What is the length of the middle fish in centimeter?