Thursday, March 1, 2018

On Target Rules changes

Hello.  I am one of the On Target coaches (third year coaching).  In reading the rules/ terms for this year, I am a little puzzled and concerned.  It says that scoring will be based on final resting position of the rockets rather than point of impact.  

To me, and my co-coach, this defeats the whole purpose of the event - a precise shot no longer matters, only the luck of the ‘bounce.’  Am I misreading or missing something here?

We decided to change that rule this year.    I’m confident your students can figure out
a way to eliminate the luck (and the bounce).          From time to time, we decide to
make changes to the event to see how it changes things (for judges, coaches, and
students).     I believe that this variation could lead to very different choices in the
design and choice of trajectory.