Sunday, April 8, 2018



- Can the team use the same plane for both distance and time?  I know they can make up to two planes. Must a specific plane be designated for distance or time at the start of Phase 2, or can one plane be used for both?

- During phase two, I understand that the Event Supervisor will call out for the 2 Distance flights and the 2 Timed flights. Does that refer to the plane to be used or the metric to be to measured? In other words, will the best distance count only for the first two flights on whatever plane is used, or for all four flights regardless of which plane is used, depending on the previous question in part?

- The teams have 5 minutes in Phase 1 to build planes. Can they test fly the planes they made during this 5 minutes, time allowing, and make necessary adjustments, or is flying in Phase 1 not allowed?
 -Yes, teams can use the same plane for time and distance. To clarify, if the description had been read, you must make up to two planes, and can create more ("Teams will have 5 minutes to build two paper airplanes onsite"). No specific plane must be designated for either time or distance except for when it's actually being thrown for that category, as indicated by nothing in the description saying you must declare.
     -Yes, the call out means the supervisor will go, "this throw is for distance" and that will be counted for distance, then time, and finally it'll be distance then time again. Or vice versa, it is not set. Each of the flights only count for one measurable quantity. ("two of the flights are for distance, and two of the flights are for time.") The plane does not matter, which thing is being measured does.
  - No test flights are allowed. Test flying is what can be done in practice. Once a flight is made with the plane during the allotted time, students are allowed to make adjustments as long as all four flights are done within the four minute flight period. Therefore, any further flights will be done with the correction. Make sure they know that's their plan, because if they don't make a move to adjust then we will keep going with the flights. They should feel comfortable if they want, to say they need a moment to adjust.