Thursday, April 5, 2018

Gravity Racer Ramp


My school no longer has their Gravity Racers ramp (the fear is that it was the victim of a 'closet decluttering' by someone who didn't know what it was). I was going to build one myself & I thought I saw the dimensions on the WESO page, but I cannot seem to find it.

If I could get the dimensions from you - that would be great!

"The heights from the bottom of the bumper to the three sets of hooks are as follows:
9 inches
17 inches
26 inches

The length of the whole ramp including the flexible section is 60.5 inches. This includes the 48-inch melamine shelving board and the 16-inch flexible styrene board, minus the 3.5 inches of overlap. Please note that the markings for centimeters (from 10 to 110 in increments of 10) start at the edge of the melamine shelving board, not the flexible sytrene board."