Sunday, April 8, 2018

Raffle Fundraiser

Raffle Event: Each year the WESO organization conducts a raffle fundraiser on the day of Science Olympiad.  Raffle proceeds are used to fund workshops, open events, learning tools allocated to schools, and to fund general WESO expenses. 

Your School’s Raffle Basket Contribution: Each participating school is required to participate in the raffle by contributing a themed basket with a fair market value of $100 or more.  This minimum threshold allows us to keep the ticket prices consistent with previous years (1 ticket - $5; 3 tickets - $10 and 7 tickets - $20). Themes can be anything you wish such as: family game night; movie night, Go Blue! gourmet, gardening, etc… Please avoid including alcohol, tobacco, etc. in your basket.  Additionally, AAPS is a peanut free district; avoid peanut products in your baskets.

This is an important fundraiser and your school’s participation is critical to its success.
Raffle Coordinators Responsibilities
       Each school will designate a Raffle Coordinator. This person will log onto the sign up genius link and indicate their schools basket theme. If Raffle Coordinators are targeting businesses for donations please plan on adding that information on the sign up genius to reduce overlap.
·      Raffle Coordinators are to sign up no later than May 1, 2018 with their basket's theme and its contents. 
       Your team is responsible for delivery of your basket to the raffle site at Pioneer H.S. during Science Olympiad event SET UP the EVENING BEFORE the event (Friday May 11, 2018 between 5:00 pm -7:00 pm) - more details such as actual location will be provided closer to the day of the event.
       All baskets should be wrapped/sealed if necessary and ready for auction. (We will not have supplies available to do this.) 
If your basket contains many items, a list of contents attached to the basket can be helpful!
Please direct any questions or concerns that you may have to:
2018 WESO  Raffle Coordinators
Renee McKeone  renee.mckeone<at>