Friday, April 6, 2018

Scheduling Back to Back events

Q: I just wanted to check with you if it is OK to have back to back events. Two kids from our school in grade 3 are competing in On Target (ending at 12:00 pm) and Pasta Bridges (beginning at 12:00 pm).
A: It won’t be possible for students to get from On Target to Pasta Bridges on this schedule. You should plan at least 10 minutes to get from On Target, which is not in the academic area, to reach the academic area where Pasta Bridges takes place.
When Water Rockets scheduling is available, you will want to keep 10-15 minutes between events in the building and Water Rockets, as it takes place outside and is a bit of a walk from the school.
On Target and Water Rockets are the only two events that do not take place in the academic area.
A reminder: this year, students will not be escorted between back-to-back events within the academic area as they have been in past years. All students will leave the academic area after every event, and can be checked in separately for subsequent events. We recommend not scheduling back to back events where possible to avoid late arrival to events. As always, we will do our best to get students quickly to their events.