Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Water Rockets

Q1:  Can the team members wear a hat as a group? 
A1:  Yes, they can wear a team hat.

Q2:  Can we have two parachute attached to one another for our rocket? 
A2:  Must meet length standards (250 cm fully extended) as per requirements in the Detailed Event Description. 

Q3:  Can the kids bring their measuring cup when they are pouring water into their rocket. 
A3:  No, they have to clearly mark their water level on their bottle. 

Q4:  What are the recommended readings for the kids on better preparation for the questions asked?  
A4:  See the Detailed Event Description and Study Guide on the WESO website.

Q5:  Can part of our parachute be fabric? Taken from kite? 
A5:  Yes but no mylar. 

Water Rockets 5th grade build, possible materials 

Water Rockets results and medals for the 3rd /4th team will be announced at the 4th grade award ceremony.  The ceremony begins at 5:15 pm.