Saturday, March 17, 2018

Compete only at your grade level.


Can a 4th grader also compete in a 5th grade event since we have no 5th graders doing certain events? 

No, playing up or down is against the Olympiad rules.

Gene-ius Codon table?

Question: Will the students be provided with the Codon Table at the competition? Do they have to learn the names of the Amino Acids in the table or will that be provided as well? 

Answer: The students will be provided with the exact Codon Table that is in the study guide.  The full names of the amino acids are given i n that table so students do not need to know the amino acid abbreviations.  During the event they will be asked to give the full name of the amino acids.

Policy for back-to-back events (for all parents and students)

This information is for all Head Coaches, coaches, parents, and students: 

In December, we announced to school Head Coaches that we are changing a policy about students in back-to-back events. In past years, we have supported escorting students directly from one event to another in situations where one event ended very close to the beginning of a second event (i.e. "back-to-back"). This meant that students did not exit the academic event hallways between those events. This has changed for 2018. 

For 2018, students will leave the academic event area after every event, even if another event they're scheduled for is about to start. Volunteers will not be allowed to escort students directly from one event to another - all students must check in separately for each event. We will have volunteers available to take students directly to their rooms from the check-in table if needed. 

If your student has back-to-back events scheduled, please arrange with her/him for how you will meet between events. There will be signs at the tournament that show where students will return after their events are complete.

We understand this is a big change; we have prepared Head Coaches for this, and have encouraged them to limit back-to-back scheduling wherever possible. The WESO Board has already worked with numerous schools to adjust scheduling to avoid back-to-back events for students, and will continue to do so. 

If you are a Head Coach, and have questions about this, please contact the WESO Board. If you are a coach or parent, please contact your Head Coach if you need further clarification.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

GENE-ius sugars

On page 16 of the study guide it lists “ribose sugar” as the correct answer for the matching item for “A” but isn’t the sugar found in DNA deoxyribose?  Shouldn’t the correct answer choice be listed as deoxyribose?

Yes, you are correct.  Thank you for raising this question so this can be clarified particularly since the topic of RNA has been introduced this year.  The pentose sugar found in DNA is deoxyribose and the pentose sugar found in RNA is ribose.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

On Target

Are calculators available during the test portion of On Target?

No, they will not be necessary.

Gravity Racer- launching

Where does the Gravity racer car need to be launched from, on the ramp: on the graduated portion? If so, does the whole car need to be on that part of the ramp, or could the front wheels be on the flexible part, or the rear wheels hang off the top edge of the ramp, for example?

The Gravity Racer can be launched from any part of the ramp.

No Bones about It

QUESTION: Will the students be allowed to ask for clarification of what a question means during the event if they do not understand the meaning of a word? The reason why I ask is because it is likely that in order to test the material at this level of detail, the questions may have to be written above a second and third grade reading level.

ANSWER: Yes, students may ask for clarification if they do not understand the meaning of a question or word so long as it is not the word being tested or it does not give away the answer. In addition, please know that a certified elementary school teacher reviews the tests for reading level appropriateness to the grade being tested.